Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma  (Completed in April 2015)

M.Tech VNIT Nagpur

Joined in Jan 2011

Research Area: Characterization of metal hydrides for absorption cooling system applications

Thesis Title: Characterisation of Lanthanum Based Metal Hydride Pairs Suitable for Solid Sorption Cooling System

Vinod developed experimental facilities for characterization metal hydrides and measured thermodynamic and kinetics properties of novel metal hydrides suitable for metal hydride based cooling systems. He also carried out a detailed theoretical analysis to determine the best suitable pair of metal hydrides for such cooling systems.

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Mr. Yogesh Madaria,

M.Tech, VJNIT Nagpur

Joined in Jan 2012

Research Area: Solid state storage of hydrogen metal hydrides

Title: Augmentation of effective thermal conductivity of metal hydride beds

Yogesh is working on simulation and measurement thermophysical properties of metal hydrides. His research contributes to the augmentation of heat and mass transfer of metal hydride beds.


Discipline of Mechanical Engineering

Reema Saxena (Graduated in 2013)

Research Area: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration

Thesis Title: Carbon Dioxide Capture by Adsorption on Activated Carbon

Reema had considered activated carbon as an adsorbent for carbon dioxide capture/separation and carried out numerical analysis to study the rate of adsorption of the CO2 gas on activated carbons. A one dimensional mathematical model was proposed based on the Dubinin’s Theory of Volume Filling of Micropores, and analyzed along with the unsteady heat transfer.

Ashwani Bhagra (Graduated in 2013)

Palakondrayudu Mandala(Graduated in 2013)

Research Area: Heat and Mass Transfer in Metal Hydride Beds

Thesis Title: Simulation of One-Dimensional Heat and Mass Transfer in Metal Hydride Beds

Ashwani and Palakondrayudu have performed simulation of one-dimensional heat and mass transfer during hydrogen absorption and desorption in metal hydride beds for heating and cooling applications.

Sakar Sharma(Graduated in 2013)

Research Area: Metal Hydride based Cooling and Heating Applications

Thesis Title: Selection of Metal Hydride Alloys for Heating and Cooling Applications

Sarkar has focused on selection of suitable pairs for heating and cooling applications using metal hydride alloys and also identified the best possible alloy pairs for single and double stage heat pump and heat transformer  applications.

Gandi Hanuma Chinnam Naidu(Graduated in 2014)

Yaram Murali Krishna(Graduated in 2014)

Research Area: Characterisation of Sodium Aluminium Hydride based Alloys

Thesis Title: Experimental Determination of Desorption Kinetics of Sodium Aluminium Hydride

Naidu and Murali have measured the hydrogen desorption kinetics of sodium aluminium hydride based alloys at different temperatures using volumetric method.

Rajiv Kumar Balaga(Graduated in 2014)

Research Area : Thermal Conductivity of Inexpensive Thermal Insulation Boards

Thesis Title : Development of Low Thermal Conductivity Materials for Building Insulation

Rajiv has prepared inexpensive thermal insulation boards and measured their thermal conductivity.

David Gudapati (Graduated in 2015)

Research Area: Hydrogen Storage using advance materials

Thesis Title: Metal Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage

David has performed characterisation of three MOFs materials such as ZIF-8, MIL-53(Al) and HKUST -1for hydrogen storage at 77 K using volumetric method.

Karthik Marneni (Graduated in 2015)

Research Area : Hydrogen compression

Thesis Title : Studies on Metal Hydride based Hydrogen Compressor

Karthik has studied the metal hydride based hydrogen compressor to optimize it's thermodynamic performance

Manoj Kumar Meena (Graduated in 2015)

Research Area: Thermal Energy Storage System

Thesis Title: Studies on metal hydride based Thermal Energy Storage System

Manoj has designed and analysed the thermal energy storage system based on metal hydrides in the temperature range of 150-200°C.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh 

M.Tech. NIT Raipur

Joined in Jan 2013

Research Area: CO2 Capture and Sequestration, CO2 based Cooling Systems

Title: CO2 Capture by Adsorption on Solid Adsorbents

Vinod has developed experimental facilities for CO2separation by adsorption on low cost solid adsorbents.His research contributes to reduce the anthropogenic emission of CO2, which is largely responsible for global warming and climate change.

Mr. Rakesh Sharma 

M.Tech. NIT Raipur

Joined in Jan 2014

Research Area: Ammoniated Salts based Sorption Cooling System

Title: Characterisation of Ammoniated Salts for Development of Cooling System

Rakesh has developed experimental facilities for ammonia adsorption on various metallic salts to find out the suitable pair for different temperature ranges.


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PhD Students

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