Gear Research Laboratory works as an extension of Metrology Laboratory of IIT Indore with a specialization of measurements dedicated to Gear related research work.  In co-ordination with Metrology Laboratory the following activities are performed:

  1. Bullet Precision finishing of the gears,

  2. Bullet Correction of shape-related errors such as lead, profile, pitch, run out, topography, etc.

  3. Bullet Operating performance optimization of the gears,

  4. Bullet Minimization of the gear wear,

  5. Bullet Minimization of gear vibration and noise particularly at high speeds of transmission,

  6. Bullet Fault diagnosis of the gear

  7. Bullet Reliability issues of the gears

Instrument Features

Gear Research Laboratory


Dr. Neelesh Kumar Jain (nkjain @


Mr. Santosh Kumar Sharma (santosh @

Upright Optical Microscope

Optical Surface Profiler System

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Gear Metrology Machine

CNC Gear Metrology Machine

Phone: +91-732-42 40 709

Gear Research

Associated Research Scholars

Dr. Sheikh Javed Habib

Mr. Kapil Gupta

Department of Mechanical Engineering