List of Equipments / Facilities

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines Laboratory


Dr. M. Santhakumar (santhakumar @


Mr. Hemant Raghuwanshi (hemantr @

  1. Bullet Mechanism Development (MAKIT) kit

  2. Bullet Universal Vibration Analyzer

  3. Bullet Multi-body Dynamics and Motion Analysis Software (ADAMS)

  4. Bullet Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus

  5. Bullet Cam and Follower arrangement along with Cam Analyzer

  6. Bullet Various Mechanisms (Quick return, Geneva, Scotch yoke, Slider Crank, etc.)

  7. Bullet Universal Governor and Motorized Gyroscope arrangements

  8. Bullet Various Frictional Elements (Disc and Drum brake system, gears, friction pads, bearings, etc.)

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines introduces the Mechanical Engineering student to the motion and interaction of machine elements. Fundamental concepts of statics, kinematics, and dynamics will be applied to the determination of the motion and interaction of machine elements, as well as forces acting on machines and mechanisms. Specific applications will be made to mechanisms such as rotating machinery, cams, gears, flywheels, and balancing.

The emphasis is on studying the motion of machines by analyzing and synthesising mechanisms and machineries. It provides the mechanical engineering student the foundations necessary to design and develop various machine and mechanism components. Kinematics and dynamics of machines lab of IIT Indore is one of the essential part of the education and research activities in different areas of engineering with wide range of equipments and educational kits. Apart from the academic desires, the lab facilities are capable to demonstrate and validate various mechanisms and machines related to scientific or fundamental research related to machine design.

Department of Mechanical Engineering