Mechatronics and Instrumentation laboratory provides an interdisciplinary base in bridging electronics with mechanical systems. This laboratory will provide an opportunity for the students to explore the different electromechanical systems and their components  such as  sensors transducers and instrumentations, electrical and mechanical  actuators, microprocessor based systems, precision measurements using Opto-mechatronics based systems for interfacing and control of mechanical systems

Instrument Features

Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory


Dr. I.A. Palani (palaniia @


Mr. Parag Hardiya (phardiya @

Transducer Kit

  1. BulletDisplacement measurement with electro-mechanical transducers

  2. BulletTemperatures gradient measurement with Heat Transducers

Process control trainer

  1. BulletHeating Element controlled by thyristor circuits

Michelson’s Interferometer

  1. BulletCalibration of Slip gauges

  2. BulletWavelength Measurement of monochromatic light

  3. BulletMeasurement of Change in pressure

Optical Instrumentation

  1. BulletCharacteristics of LDR

  2. BulletMeasurement of Groove spacing in a CD by its reflection grating

  3. Bulletoptical based thickness measurement using Ellipsometry

Micro processor based

  1. BulletBasic Study

  2. BulletDC motor position control

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Mechatronics & Instrumentation

Stepper motor Milli step interfacing with 8051 microcontroller

Experimental implementation of different controller behaviour

in Swinging Pendulum Interfaced using MATLAB Simulink.

Digital PID controller based

  1. BulletDC motor speed control module (fast process)

  2. BulletTemperature control system (slow process)

PLC based Interfacing of multiple cylinder sequences in electro

pneumatic systems

Study on PLC based Interfacing of micro controlled XY Stage

for Laser based marking

Characteristics measurement using Impedance Analyzer

Mechatronics and Instrumentation Laboratory provide best of the facilities to pursue in the upcoming research fields as listed below:

Department of Mechanical Engineering