The Metallography and Tribology Laboratory has been conceptualized as the starting block of material research in terms of sample preparation and finding out the mechanical and tribological properties of material. The Metallography section of this laboratory is a facility to prepare specimens capable of revealing the true microstructure of materials submitted for study. The laboratory would be capable to perform simple microscopic evaluations, linear measurements, and other related tests. To provide the services required, a metallography section has been knowledgeably organized, adequately equipped and competently staffed.

The Tribology section of this Laboratory has the instruments to find out the tribological properties of materials. The purpose of this laboratory is to evaluate and quantify friction, wear and lubrication properties and to learn about the counter body interactions of materials

Instrument Features

Metallography and Tribology Laboratory


Dr. Satyajt Chatterjee (satyajit @

  1. Bullet Polishing Machine (with automatic specimen mover)

  2. Bullet Hot Mounting Press

  3. Bullet High Speed Cut-off Machine

  4. Bullet Slow Speed sectioning Machine

  5. Bullet Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

  6. Bullet Precision Balance

  7. Bullet Analytical Balance

  8. Bullet Ball/Pin-on-disc Tribometer

  9. Bullet Fretting Wear Tribometer

  10. Bullet Nanoindentor

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Metallography and Tribology

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mr. Suresh Bhagore