Prof. Neelesh Kumar Jain joined IIT Indore as Associate Professor in Jan 2010. He did PhD (2003) and MTech (1995) from IIT Kanpur with specialization in Manufacturing Science and BE in Mechanical Engineering from SGSITS Indore in 1993.

Dr. Jain has played significant role in the institutional development of IIT Indore in general and PACL campus, Virtual Classroom under National Knowledge Network (NKN), and Central Workshop in particular. He has major teaching and research labs related to production engineering at IIT Indore namely 1. Metrology Lab; 2. Machining Science Lab; 3. Manufacturing Process Lab; 4. Gear Research Lab; 5. Advanced Manufacturing Processes Lab.  Dr. Jain has served as Member Board of Governors during April 2010 to July 2012 and Dean, Academic Affairs at IIT Indore since Oct 2010. As the DOAA, he has played significant role in developing UG and PG Course curriculum, academic infrastructure and setup, academic procedures, etc. at IIT Indore.

Email: nkjain @

Phone:   +91-732-4240 702

Research Interests

Work Experience

Office: PG-02, PACL Campus

Selected Publications



Ph.D (2003), IIT Kanpur; Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)

M. Tech (1995), IIT Kanpur; Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)

B.E (1993), SGSITS Indore; Mechanical Engineering

Academic / Professional Activities

Assistant Professor, Convener

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Prof. Neelesh Kumar  Jain
Dean of Academic Affairs

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Broad Area of ResearchManufacturing

Advanced Machining Processes.

Hybrid Machining Processes.

Micro-machining and Nano-finishing Processes.

Mfg Process Selection and Mfg Process Parameters Optimization.

CAPP, CAD/CAM, Integrated Manufacturing Systems.

Application of Soft Computing Techniques to Manufacturing Processes.

Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee, 6th Feb 2007 to 28th Jan 2010.

Visiting Assistant Professor, 3rd July 2008 to 27th Dec 2008, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater (USA)

Assistant Professor (on-Contract) IIT Roorkee, 17th June 2004 to 5th Feb 2007.

Assistant Professor, South Asia International Institute (SAII) Hyderabad, 22nd June '03 to 31st May 2004.

Lecturer,  NSIT (Formerly DIT) New Delhi, 29th July 2002 to 19th June 2003.

Senior Project Associate, IIT Kanpur, 17th Dec 1995 to 17th March 1996; 1st May to 31st Oct 96.

PGET, Tata Electric Company, Mumbai 1st to 10th Aug 1995.

Project Research Associate, IIT Kanpur, 1st Apr 1995 to 11th June 1995.

Pragya Shandilya, P. K. Jain and N. K. Jain (2012) “Neural Network based Modeling in Wire Electric Discharge

Machining of SiCp/6061 Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite”, Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 383-390,

6679-6683. (DOI:10.4028/

J.P. Misra, P.K. Jain, N.K. Jain and H. Singh (2012), "Effects of Electrolyte Composition and Temperature on

Precision Finishing of Spur Gears by Pulse Electrochemical Honing (PECH)" Int. J. Precision Technology, 3(1),

37-50. (DOI: 10.1504/12.45987)

Shandilya, Pragya; Jain, P. K. & Jain, N. K. (2011). Wire Electric Discharge Machining of Metal Matrix Composite

Materials, Chapter 30 in DAAAM International Scientific Book 2011, pp. 383-400, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by

DAAAM International, ISBN 978-3-901509-84-1, ISSN 1726-9687, Vienna, Austria

DOI: 10.2507/daaam.scibook.2011.30

Pragya Shandilya, N.K. Jain, and P.K. Jain (2011), "Experimental Studies on Wire Electric Discharge Cutting of

SiCp/6061 Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites", Key Engineering Materials, 450 (2011), 173-176.


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(DOI: 10.1243/09544054JEM1836)

N.K. Jain, L. Ramlal Naik, A. K. Dubey, and H. S. Shan (2009), “State of Art Review of Electrochemical Honing of

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(DOI: 10.1007/s00170-006-0682-4)

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2007).  (DOI: 10.1016/j.ijmachtools.2006.08.001)

Neelesh K. Jain and Vijay K. Jain, (2001) “Modeling of Material Removal in Mechanical Type of Advanced

Machining Processes: a State-of-Art Review”, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 41(11),

1573-1635 (Sep 2001). (DOI: 10.1016/S0890-6955(01)00010-4)

Reviewer, Journal of Materials Processing Technology (Elsevier, London)

Reviewer, International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture (Elsevier, London)

Reviewer, Proc. IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture (Professional Engineering Publishing, UK)

Reviewer, International Journal of Advanced Mfg Technology (Springer-Verlag, London)

Reviewer, International Journal of Mfg Technology and Management (Inderscience)

Reviewer, International Journal of Materials and Product Technology (Inderscience)

Reviewer and Member of Local Organizing Committee of 1st International and 22nd AIMTDR Conference (21-23 Dec. 2006)

Administrative Responsibilities (at IIT Indore)

Dean, Academic Affairs (6th Oct. 2010 onwards)

Member, Board of Governors (BOG) of IIT Indore (April 2010-July 2012)

Member, Academic Council, IIT Indore (July 2011 onwards )

Coordinator, IIT Indore Virtual Classroom (March 2010 onwards)

Recipient of BOYSCAST Fellowship of Govt. of India under which he visited Oklahoma State University Stillwater

(USA) during July 2008 to Dec 2008.

Inclusion in Marquis’s Who’s Who 2010 edition.

Won 2nd best paper award at 17th AIMTDR (1997) conference held at NIT Warangal.

Administrative Responsibilities (at IIT Indore)